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Patient Relations

At Piedmont Plastic Surgery, we take particular care to treat our patients like members of our extended family.

Our Patient Relations Coordinator is the first point of contact with our patients and is focused on providing “something extra special” within their surgical experience. She provides individual attention to every detail, from the first phone call and consultation through post-op visits, to ensure our patients have a wonderful experience. Serving as an experienced liaison between each patient and the doctor, she is able to answer questions quickly and accurately at all times.


“My primary goal as a Patient Relations Coordinator consists of providing relevant knowledge to our patients for every surgical procedure. Since I have experienced several procedures myself, I know that I can share the right information on what to expect before a procedure and also personally relate to what they may be feeling after the procedure. It is true that each individual will have a unique and personal experience, and as a Patient Relations Coordinator, I am available for the patient throughout their entire experience. By doing my job, I have made doing something ‘just for themselves’ even nicer,”.

Judy Nelson, Patient Relations Coordinator


“The most rewarding part of my job is to see how cosmetic surgery can make a dramatic change in a person, physically as well as mentally. Knowing that I play a part in the care of our patients makes coming to work a joy. Over the years, I have seen many people regain their confidence and increase their self-esteem. For me, to see patients with a big smile on their faces when they see their reflection in the mirror following a procedure gives me a warm feeling,”.

Judy Nelson, Patient Relations Coordinator