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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in High Point, NC

A Young boy laughing Otoplasty (ear surgery) is a low-risk cosmetic procedure that adjusts the size, position, and/or proportion of the ears to better align with the head. Also known as ear pinning, this procedure can correct ears that protrude from the head, misshapen ears, and overly large ears.

Am I a Candidate for Ear Surgery?

Anyone with large or disproportionate ears can utilize this cosmetic surgery to restructure and correct the overall appearance of their ears. Your candidacy for otoplasty will be determined by your surgeon during your consultation.

Otoplasty patients generally want to correct one or more of the following ear concerns:

  • Overly large ears
  • Disproportionately shaped ears
  • Oddly placed ears, including one ear positioned slightly higher than the other
  • Ears that stick out prominently from the head
  • Irregular ear shape or position due to injury

Can My Child Undergo Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery is often performed on children and young teens because the ears reach full development around the age of six. People of all ages may be unhappy with the size or projection of their ears and undergo otoplasty, but oversized or uneven ears are more noticeable at a younger age and can be a source of teasing or embarrassment for children. Otoplasty can restructure the ears and significantly improve self-confidence for patients both young and old.

How Is Ear Surgery Performed?

Ear Pinning

Incisions will be made behind the ear to remove extra skin and fat. Eliminating this extra tissue from behind the ears will allow them to lie more discreetly against the head. The incisions will then be stitched closed.

Cartilage Reshaping

The ear cartilage is recontoured and positioned to restore a natural shape to your ears. Normal folds missing from the ear can be recreated by fashioning the cartilage with permanent sutures.

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used for Ear Surgery?

Children will be given general anesthesia, while adults can be provided with a sedative and local anesthesia.

How Long Does Otoplasty Take?

The duration of the otoplasty procedure is about two hours and will vary based on the anatomy of one’s ears and the desired changes. Otoplasty is typically done on an outpatient basis, but you may request to make accommodations to spend the night at our Comfort Cottage with a nurse available to help you.

What Is Recovery From Ear Surgery Like?

Once the procedure is finished, a dressing will be placed around your ears that must be kept in place unless you’re instructed otherwise. It is normal to experience some bruising and swelling around the ears, but this should subside a few days after your surgery. It is important to keep your head elevated when recovering and avoid putting any pressure on your ears.

If pain medication is prescribed, make sure you are taking the appropriate dosage at the right times to minimize discomfort.

You should be able to return to a normal routine within a week after surgery. Sports and other strenuous activity should be avoided for up to six weeks.

When Will I See My Otoplasty Results?

Your otoplasty results will be visible immediately after your surgery, and your final results will be most visible once healing is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty

How much does ear surgery cost? 

The cost of your ear surgery will vary depending on the level of correction needed and various other factors such as the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, postoperative garments, and prescription medications. The exact cost of your otoplasty will be determined during your consultation at our practice in High Point, North Carolina.

What can otoplasty not do? 

An otoplasty cannot be used to improve the function of the ears or correct issues with the earlobes. If you have a torn or deformed earlobe, you may want to consider a corrective earlobe procedure. Earlobe repair surgery can be used to reshape the earlobes and create a more flattering aesthetic.

How should I prepare for my otoplasty? 

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your surgery. In general, you may be advised to:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Temporarily stop taking certain medications


Will the results from my otoplasty be permanent? 

Yes. The results from your otoplasty will be generally permanent (barring injury) and should not require any follow-up surgery to maintain them.

Will ear pinning affect my hearing? 

While otoplasty does change the composition of your ear, the procedure does not interfere with essential hearing organs. Your surgeon will take great care to ensure that the functionality of your ear is maintained.

Are there any risks with ear surgery? 

You may experience some temporary side effects consisting of throbbing, aching, swelling, redness, and/or numbness after your procedure. As with most surgical procedures, otoplasty involves a few minor risks, which may include:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Blood clots
  • Mismatched ears
  • Recurrence of the protrusion

Interested in Ear Surgery in High Point, NC?

To achieve the best results, we tailor the procedure to your individual needs. You will receive specific information regarding your case during your consultation at Piedmont Plastic Surgery, which you can set up by calling us at 336-886-1667 or by filling out our contact form.