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Kim - Actual PatientMy name is Kim. I had wanted to have a tummy tuck for several years after having two babies by c-section. I finally got the nerve to set-up some consultations. I met with a plastic surgeon in Greensboro first and then met two people that had some work done by Dr. Willard. They both were very pleased by the outcome so I gave Dr. Willard’s office a call for my consultation. I went in September of last year. After my consultation, I went back home to talk it over with my husband and both of us decided May would be a good time. I chose Dr. Willard to do my surgery because of his knowledge and personality plus they were less expensive. I had my surgery and love it!

When I went in for my pre-op consult, Dr. Willard and his staff were very kind and patient with my husband and me. I was very, very scared! They took lots of time reassuring me that all would be fine. On the day of my surgery I was nervous and when I got to the office, I was taken back right away. All the nurses were very nice and comforting. I was really worried about being put to sleep. The nurse anesthetist kept telling me that I would do fine. He was very sweet. All went well and I woke up doing fine! I stayed just a little while, then got to go home! Afterward was really not bad at all. I took my medication on time and walked like I was supposed to. When I would go for my post-op visits they would take me right back so I wouldn’t have to wait. They were so patient with me. Dr. Willard always came in with a giant smile and would always say how great I was doing.

Dr. Willard is the best! I would not hesitate to go back for something else if I chose to do it. They were there anytime I needed them from visits to phone calls. If I had it to do all over again, I would definitely choose Dr. Willard and his staff!

Once again, I love it! I love the way I feel about myself now. I can wear clothes that I would have never put on before! It was the best thing I have done for ME!

– Kim

Jamie - Actual PatientAfter carrying twins with a total weight of 12 pounds, 12 ounces, my abdomen was forever changed. I first tried diet and exercise to improve the look of my midsection, but even after losing all the baby fat, the extra skin just sagged and my muscles had separated to the point where no amount of sit-ups could correct the problem. I began looking for a plastic surgeon to perform my abdominoplasty. I was extremely picky and very selective. I wanted a doctor, staff and environment with which I felt comfortable and at home. After three different consultations with other physicians in my area, I chose Piedmont Plastic Surgery because of the friendly professional service I received from the receptionist, surgical nurses and the physician.

The day of my surgery, I was so excited to see everyone! They were very personal, more like friends than a medical staff. The surgery was eight months ago and I feel it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am truly happy with the results and I have a more confident self-image. The treatment and care I received from the staff was phenomenal. Any questions or concerns I had prior to or after the surgery were always welcomed and answered with the highest quality. I would recommend, as I already have, to anyone considering this surgery to use Piedmont Plastic Surgery because of the genuine way they deal with their patients and the exceptional service the staff provides to each individual.

Thanks for the great results!

– Jamie

Judy - Actual PatientI want to start by saying without the Lord who made this reduction possible it would never have happened. I have wanted a reduction for many years. Even though I would lose weight, my breasts still remained very large and heavy.

I would have shoulder pains and as I got older the pain got worse. I would have headaches which was another obstacle with large and heavy breasts.

I asked a doctor about the surgery years ago and he said many problems could arise. I took that as God saying don’t do it.

We had a bible study in 2004 called Dreamgiver. I realized one of the dreams I had given up on was having a reduction. Our insurance company gave me a doctor’s name in Greensboro that was in network. She was nice, but I never felt led to go to her.

My best friend works at High Point Regional and was given Dr. Willard’s name as a great doctor for a reduction. I made an appointment with him and knew he was the one I wanted to do my surgery. Even though he was out of network and I had to pay more it didn’t matter. He was the one.

He’s such a wonderful doctor. He has a great sense of humor and such a caring heart. He even gave me a hug on the last visit before surgery. He reminded me of a doctor I went to years ago who has passed away. There are not many of his type around any longer.

I was also blessed with a successful surgery and recovery. I took the pain pills for two days like instructed and got along fine. I had no pain.

Whenever I hear anyone mention plastic surgery, I recommend Dr. Willard.

I tell them he is by far the best in my opinion and I feel they will be very happy with him.

Dr. Willard and his entire staff were very gracious people to work with. My hat is off to them all.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation of a great experience.

– Judy