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Chemical Peels and Other Services

All of our medical chemical peels and home treatment plans are customized for the individual’s needs. We can treat all skin types. Chemical peels help with texture, tone, skin discolorations, appearance of pore size, fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaplaning and Microdermabrasion renew the skin by exfoliating old skin cells and smoothing the texture of the surface.



Dermaplaning is a technique where the outer layers of the skin are exfoliated with the use of a blade.  It is an effective way to resurface the skin. Not only will you achieve smoother, brighter skin but this also helps remove “peach fuzz”.



Sclerotherapy or spider vein injections, is the direct injection of a sclerosing agent, such as hypertonic saline, into a visible vein. The solution is designed to irritate or dehydrate, change surface tension, or destroy the cells. The result is the disappearance of spider veins.



The Neostrata line of chemical peels uses Glycolic acid.  This treatment is a specific technique for skin renewal to make your skin appear smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter, with more even pigmentation.  There are four strengths of glycolic acid that we can use for this peel.  We will determine which strength will best suit your needs at your consultation.



A chemical peel that is designed to renew your skin quicker and more effectively.  It can be used on all skin types and improves numerous skin conditions.


CUSTOMIZED CHEMICAL PEELS—we can customize a regime for your particular skin needs.