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Summer Time!


Welcome to Summertime! As the days get longer and activities focus on the outside, please remember to take care of your skin. We have several very good sunscreens available and our Medically Trained Aestheticians Lisa Jackson and Jamie Page can guide you to which one would work best for you.

Special Event!

On Thursday June 21, 2018 Saving Face will be having a Special Peel Event featuring Neostrata Glycolic Acid Peel for $65(savings of $20). This is a great way to refresh your skin. From 9am to 1pm Keith Still with Neostrata will be at our office to meet patients and help you with your personal skin care plan..  Also that day, any Neostrata product purchased 6/21/2018 will be 20% off. With any Neostrata product purchase of $200 or more you will receive a free beach gift bag(suggested retail value $75). This is a great day to stock up or try something new!


The Thermi technology is all about heating skin tissue  gently to stimulate collage renewal. The Thermi treatments we offer include Thermi Smooth which is a gently non-invasive procedure with no downtime consisting of 3-6 treatments done about every 2 weeks.

Thermi Tight uses a tiny probe to heat specific tissue to a pre-determined therapeutic temperature. After the procedure a gentle wrap is applied and  you may resume normal activities usually the next day.

ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen in the vaginal area. So if you have issues related to childbirth, natural aging, and/or the physical and functional effects of menopause, ThermiVa may be the answer for you. Treatment programs are usually 3 treatments done about a month apart.

Call for an appointment about any of these Thermi procedures. We are offering the following specials on Thermi offered now through 8/02/2018.

Thermi Smooth

3 treatments of the Knees $2500(savings of $500)

Thermi Tight

treatment of the neck $2000(savings of $500)


 3 treatments $2500(savings of $500)

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment for the Peel Event on June 21 or to talk about any of the Thermi treatments and as always we are here to discuss any surgical questions, skin problems, moles, lesions, or skin care questions you may have.