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Have you ever wanted to CTL + ALT + DELETE your fat?

In this newsletter we are going to talk about fat. There are lots of “solutions” out there dedicated to helping patients control the excess bumps and bulges that accompany fat deposits.  There are the non-surgical “fixes” that include heating the fat to destroy it such as Vanquish and SculpSure or the ever popular freezing the fat with Coolsculpting. These methods can give up to about a 24% reduction in certain pockets of fat (did you see that—only 24 %–will you be happy?), usually involve multiple treatments and months of allowing the treated fat to be eliminated by your body and can be fairly pricey.

Dr. Willard has declared a Liposuction EVOLUTION or, as he puts It, an evolution in how he approaches liposuction.

Thanks Kay, let me take over-Dr Willard here . Procedures are evolving all the time and liposuction has too.  Surgeons are always trying to make an operation easier to perform, easier on the patient (recovery and cost!,) and with better results.

Liposuction has indeed come a long way.  What has made the procedure improve is the ability to safely and comfortably do this without the need for general anesthesia.  Now, some patients tell me, “I don’t want to know anything about anything!” And that’s ok, we can handle that too. But after performing over 155 cases without general anesthesia now, I can tell you it works well for almost everybody.  And hey, it’s less expensive too!

How does this work?  About 30 mins before the procedure, you take some pain pills and pills to help relax you.  Some patients fall asleep, others talk away, but everyone has done well. After this, the areas to be liposuctioned are injected with numbing medicine slowly and carefully.  After that the areas are pain free, the suctioning of the fat is carried out. Since the patient can move from side to side for me, I really am able often to do a better procedure!

Without the need for general anesthesia, the recovery is much easier for my patients.  No grogginess, no nausea, no hunger because you can eat lightly before the procedure. Most patients that do computer type work can return in about 3 days.  Fantastic!

So, the procedure is safer, works great, and is less expensive.  Give us a call and come talk. We can discuss how those stubborn areas of fat can undergo: ” Control-Alt-Delete. ” 



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